Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Still trust the Government?

Boston Bombing - 15 Apr 2015
1) FAKE 'victims' as well as real ones
2) Claims that people died who didn't
3) Lots of people running around with shredded PANTS but no leg injuries, NO injuries to their arms, NO head or face injuries!
The FBI Changes Its Story on the Ibragim Todashev Shooting
Boston Bomb Amputee Karen Rand Seen Wiping Fake Blood On Leg After Blast
Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags
Boston Bombing Hoax (Picture Proof) !!!

San Bernardino shooting - 2 Dec 2015
1) What are the odds that a 'mass shooting' is going to take place where LA police carry out 'active shooter' drills once a month
2) What are the chances that a SWAT team just happens to be in the general area doing a drill are 'ready to roll' and don't make it to the scene in time to catch the shooter(s) on scene.
3) According to eyewitness reports, this shooting was carried out by "three white males dressed in military gear."
San Bernardino Hoax Exposed
San Bernardino Shooting Hoax: The Doctor They Don't Want You To See
San Bernardino Victims Daughter Exposes Her Mother To Be A FAKE

Sandy Hook Elementary - 14 Dec 2012
1) The school closed in 2008 the 'shooting' happened in 2012
2) The school was demolished after the alleged shooting
3) The gun that was allegedly used in the shooting was found locked in the truck of the 'shooters' car
4) 'Parents' interviewed within 48 hours of the 'shooting' were happy, smiling, and joking during the 'interviews' of this 'tragic' event
5) There were NO trauma helicopters and NO ambulances - yet 2 kids were reported to be at the hospital - How did they get there?
6) The FBI confirmed 2+ years later it was a HOAX!
Final Proof of the Sandyhook Hoax!
CT Lady: 'Sandy Hook Was FAKE' (Newtown HOAX)
PROOF - Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax

Columbine - 20 Apr 1999
I never really paid attention to this story as I put it down to dumb kids, lax parenting, bullying, etc... But after reading the FBI 'report' I am not so sure! This has all the signs and similarities of a government engineered shooting.
1) The 'teacher' interviewed managed to remember very specific information about one of the 'shooters' but didn't recognize him.
2) If the 'shooters' were inside the school how did they manage to shoot a plate glass window from outside?
3) An interview with one of the student 'witnesses' who also proclaims he didn't recognize the shooter - most students will recognize a fellow student even if they don't know their name!
4) Some main stream media stations claimed 39 people were killed or injured some reported many less

Hurricane Katrina and Sandy -

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