Saturday, January 16, 2016

Trends to Watch in 2016

Trends to Watch in 2016
Dockets of Drones
These devices, when used near airports, should be regulated just like any other aircraft at the facility.
these devices should be classified like 'peeping toms' when used to record people the user doesn't know who are on private property!
Onstar in vehicles was a great idea until people realized that system had FAR more power than originally believed!
BUT it's pretty hard to tell the American citizens you can't spy on your neighbor when the government has implemented systems do just that, in some cases illegally and without public knowledge or consent!
Video Recording Police by the Public -
When in public you have NO reason to expect privacy! Or so the government has told the citizens when surveillance without a warrant happens!
As long as the person video taping the police are not interfering with the execution of LEGAL actions. If it interferes with illegal actions then it becomes a citizens DUTY!
Campus Carry Proposals -
Where have a majority of the 'mass shootings' happened? In 'gun free' zones. Why? Because criminals know they are far less likely to be met with deadly force by the intended victim!
I have always felt uncomfortable in 'government' buildings where only police are allowed to have guns. They are people too! The dramatic increase in 'shoot first, ask questions later' mentality is even scarier!
The Budding Marijuana Proposals -
The 'War On Drugs' has been proven to be a farce! Decriminalize all currently illegal drugs and focus on treatment centers! Sending people to prison for non-violent 'drug related' crimes is just another way of putting MORE tax payer money into the hands of the government and private prisons!
This is NOT justice! Justice does NOT exist in our current society!
Reproductive Restrictions -
Get OUT of the woman's womb! I don't support using abortion as a means of birth control but violating a woman's right to privacy, adequate health care, and freedom of choice is a violation of SO many constitutional rights it is mind boggling!
There ARE times when abortion is the ONLY answer, unless you find it acceptable that both the woman and the fetus die! (one example: Tubal pregnancies that cause the woman to bleed internally! Personally lived through this nightmare twice!)
What legislation is on the books for restricting reproduction directed specifically at males?
Electrical Consumption in Real-Time -
I am all for making the electric companies job easier and faster, but how can citizens be absolutely sure that personal information is NOT being compromised? Sorry a statement from the electric company or the government doesn't do it! Both have LIED to the consumer FAR too much!
Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping -
So you think banning or controlling when and were someone can exhale WATER VAPOR needs to be regulated? Should the citizens be waiting for restrictions to be placed on BREATHING?
Online Selling and Sales Tax -
I understand that states are 'missing out' on sales tax since under the current system which relies on the consumer to report and pay sales tax to their states. Apparently they are no more honest then the government officials elected to represent the best interest of the people!
In reality, when someone shops online they are traveling, albeit virtually, to the store from which they desire to purchase. Thus they owe sales tax to the state in which the business has a license to operate!
Fantasy Sports Saga Will Continue -
This is gambling, PERIOD! All gambling laws should apply!
Second Chance Voting -
Violating someone's constitutional rights for breaking laws that should NEVER have been enacted in the first place is ludicrous!
By violating a person's constitutional right, for ANY reason, you are telling EVERYONE the person in question is inferior and doesn't deserve the same rights as others! Thus fueling the belief that hiring a felon, regardless of the crime they committed, is a bad idea.

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