Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Corruption uncovered at MDSP

A "meeting" with the parole board is anything but...
The truth behind the facade called a parole board meeting is: the inmate meets with one (1) member of the parole board who then makes a recommendation to the other members before a determination on parole is made.

When that person is a former or current PROSECUTING attorney; how could anyone EVER think that person is going to be fair and impartial?

Allowing unsubstantiated allegations, that could not be proved because they NEVER happened, to be a guide for allowing or denying parole is NOT "serving justice"!

Penalties for making false accusations need to increase. That accusation stays on the record of the accused to be used against them later, regardless of whether the accusation is true or not, regardless of whether the accusation is substantiated or not! 
False reports made by an investigator from allegation from a family member needs to be seen for what they are – a conflict of interest. These types of "reporting" should never happen. It is far to easy for family members to believe unbelievable/outrageous accusations simple because they hear it from a family member.

Mike Durfee State Prison (MDSP)  is refusing to allow a veteran, on 100% disability, to get the medical attention he desperately NEEDS. 

The "doctors" provided by the prisons do NOT care about the inmate patients! The inmate can't call those "doctors" at 2AM and talk about a problem they are having, like they could with their real doctor!

This veteran has requested and been told/required by a  judge that they are to report to the VA Center for therapy, this person has set this up twice only to have the STATE deny him the ability to comply with the court order!

Why/When/How did prisons get the authority to OVER RULE a judge?

Psychological Abuse
Psychological abuse, also referred to as emotional abuse or mental abuse, is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. 
The psychological abuses the prison staff, including case managers, inflicts on the inmates has to stop! Poking the inmates with a stick and then threatening them with a non-compliance write up when they react, as any/all humans would do, is nothing short of torture. What do I mean?
  • Lying to inmates.
  • Stealing their phone money and charging exorbitant rates for them to talk on the phone.
  • Treating them like second class citizens. Talking to them as though they don't have thoughts, feelings, and are not allowed to react to their environment.
  • Labeling them as dirt-bags, violent persons, and/or worthless
  • Removing their ability to receive money from family for necessary commissary items while incarcerated. 
Every time the above mentioned inmate has "complied" with requests from MDSP they have been screwed. This person was told by a MDSP representative that they were going to enact 4 months of their suspended time, which they signed (agreed to), under threat of a non-compliance write-up, only to have them change it to 6 months, without proper legal actions! Which brings us to how can the prison over rule a judge and enact suspended time in the first place?

Every request is presented to the inmate as "optional" but if the inmate verbally questions the legality or wording of the paper or refuse to sign the paper they are threatened with a non-compliance write-up! What difference does that make? That should be obvious! If an inmate has a certain number of write-ups, regardless of what those write-ups are for it makes the inmate ineligible for parole!

Isn't it ironic that prison staff are committing far worse crimes than the inmates they are supposed to be supervising!

What exactly are you teaching inmates? I will tell you:

  • you are teaching them that working in the prison industry, after its privatization, puts you above the laws that every one in society is supposed to abide by!
  • if you have a family member that works for a prison you can behave as though you own the world
  • legal is just a word used to support the pretense that what you are doing is just/right/acceptable
  • freedom, civil rights, and liberty mean NOTHING in America!

That ladies and gentlemen is incorrectly called rehabilitation!
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