Friday, January 15, 2016

Who is delusional?

Posted by someone on Facebook:
There is no way that a gun confiscation would ever work in the US because;
1. People will simply refuse to turn them in.
 2. They don't have enough jail space for the 100 million plus people that would outright refuse to turn in their guns.
3. Most of the police would refuse to enforce the law.
4. Even the liberal Justices on the Supreme Court would find such a law unconstitutional. After all, the Supreme Court has already found that the right to keep and bear arms in an individual right and not a collective one
 5. The government has no idea how many guns there really are in the US or who has them. How could they ever possibly know if they got them all?
 6. Criminals, by their very nature, would refuse to turn in their guns even if every law-abiding citizen did.
The fact that the anti-gun crowd thinks that they could ever confiscate every gun in the US is a sure sign that they are seriously delusional.

1) There are already some states, counties, and cities that have requested gun owners to turn in their guns - with amazingly generous results! Yes, people willingly took their guns to the local police station and turned in their firearms!

2) They won't need jail space! Those that refuse will be systematically SHOT! All under the disguise of being labeled 'terrorists', justifiable homicide, or reasonable force.
3) This reasoning is simply ludicrous! Look around at the increasing police brutality. We ARE in a POLICE state! They kill indiscriminately and 99% of the time suffer NO consequences.
4) This is also ludicrous! If the Justices on the Supreme Court cared AT ALL about the people and the Constitution - The people of our country would NOT be fighting for our RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, and LIBERTIES!
5) It doesn't matter how many guns are in the hands of the American citizens. When the government bans all firearms those with firearms will be SHOT! See 2) above!
6) Why do the cities with the strictest gun laws have the most gun crime? Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY; Chicago, IL - If criminals cared about gun laws they wouldn't have them in the FIRST place! See 2) above!
Remind me again WHO is delusional?

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