Monday, March 14, 2016

Destroying America?

WHY did Fema buy $1 Billion dollars  worth of disposable coffin liners (human remains containers that will hold the ashes of 4 adults), 14 million body bags, 140 million long-life meals or MREs?

WHY did the government buy 30,000 guillotines (capable of killing 30 Million people in 10 hours)?

WHY does FEMA have 'relocation camps' in ALL 50 states?

the Supreme Court DEMANDED that new vote counting machines be used in the 2016 election and a Philippines company has 'programmed' them for EVERY district in America!

Hocus-PCOS comes from the word hocus-pocus, which the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “nonsense or sham, used especially to cloak deception.” Critics give these label because PCOS machines, manufactured by controversial firm Smartmatic, supposedly can be easily rigged. (READ: It's final: PH to use contentious voting machines)

The Citizens for Clean and Credible Elections (C3E) said that Smartmatic had committed numerous violations of election laws in the past, and should therefore be blacklisted.

What assurance does the public have that the Comelec machines are accurate?

UPDATE: as of 3/16/16 there are wide spread and NUMEROUS reports of 'voting machine' errors! From crediting the wrong candidate with the vote to missing candidates on the screen! This is voter fraud!

In 2012 the current false potus was PLACED in office hours BEFORE the public voting booths closed!

Why is the GOP calling the American people and their most popular CHOICE of presidential candidate derogatory names?

WHY are the people who we elected as our voice in government TELLING us who we should and should NOT vote for?

WHY are the people WE elected to be our voice in Washington not DEMANDING that Clinton be prosecuted?

WHY has the house of representatives NOT acted on the 1000+ requests to impeach the current false potus?

WHY are ALL the establishment 'politicians' supporting and GIVING aid and comfort to KNOWN enemies of America? that is the very definition of a traitor!

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