Thursday, March 10, 2016

War on Drugs?

About 570,000 people die annually due to drug use.
That breaks down to about 440,000 from disease related to tobacco,
85,000 due to alcohol,
20,000 due to illicit (illegal) drugs, and
20,000 due to prescription drug abuse. and estimated 6.1 Million people use prescription drugs non-medically
If you want more information, check out NIDA's site at

100,000 people die each year from alcohol-related causes: drinking and driving crashes, other accidents, falls, fires, alcohol-related homicides and suicides. (NCAAD)

Does the 'war on drugs' still make sense? is being put in prison for 10 years for half a pill justice?
The total price to taxpayers was $39 BILLION, $5.4 billion more than the $33.5 billion reflected in corrections budgets alone.

This $39 Billion went to PRIVATELY owned and operated prisons!

Global drugs trade 'as strong as ever' as fight fails
"The policy response has been to try to reduce and stop the supply, but all it's done is shift trade or production elsewhere," Ann Fordham, executive director of the International Drug Policy Consortium, told CNBC.

South America has effectively reduced drug crimes to all time lows by decriminalizing (do not confuse with legalizing) most illegal drugs and implementing rehab centers, very cost effectively!

1) FEDERAL prisons should be for criminals that committed crimes AGAINST the USA - treason, terrorists, etc
2) STATE prisons should be for prisoners who committed crimes against another CITIZEN

Is it looking more like a 'war on citizens' than a 'war on drugs'?

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